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Decisions Course Email 16 - 02/14/2023

Hi Everyone, 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating this mini-series on Making Great Decisions. I hope you were able to reflect on your own decision making and learn a few tools in the process.

Great decision making brings about the life you want, not by playing chess with life, but by deeply connecting with who you are. 

This connection and conviction is the secret of courageous performers, transformational leaders, and millions of moments in the lives of people unnoticed by history but deeply felt by those around them. 

Practice making decisions this way, living this way, and discover the greatness inside you. Step into your:

  • Deep empowerment during big decisions
  • Confidence and conviction in the face of uncertainty 
  • Peace, and even enjoyment, in the midst of difficulty 
  • Abundance and fulfillment to share and enjoy

This is the last chance to join us for the Great Decision Making Course. Enrollment closes today at midnight PT.

I look forward to seeing many of you there! 

Big Love,


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