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Fear, Indecisiveness, Excitement and Self Abuse. Q&A Replay

Decisions Course Email 14 - 02/11/2023

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who came to spend some time with us at the Q&A yesterday. It was a pleasure to be with you. The rapid fire coaching was particularly powerful, and if this is an indication of what the Decisions Course Cohort will be bringing to the live calls with Joe every Thursday, we are in for an intense ride! 

Some things that stood out to us were how the decision you think you’re making can sometimes mask the decision your actually making, the way that fear can show up in many different forms when we make decisions and how the Decision Course compares to our Master Class. We invite you to watch the video below as our community and Joe dive into all of this plus lots more. 

Don’t forget; registration is only open until Tuesday, February 14th, so if you’re planning on joining us, register now!

0:00 - Call opening
3:45 - Decision Making vs. Master Class; how are they different? Which should I take? How will the course help me decide if I should keep building my business? What is the Master Class?
21:00 - The relationship between fear and excitement
27:11 - Welcoming the feeling "wrongness" in a decision
33:09 - What kinds of decisions will the course cover?
36:15 - Welcoming the feeling "wrongness" in a decision part 2

Rapid-fire coaching
40:35 - Insecurity and the fear of rejection
48:29 - Embrace fear to make choices you love
53:42 - A story of indecisiveness covering the fear of love
1:04:49 - The better decision to spend energy on is “How do I stop self-abuse?”
1:16:45 - Goodbyes

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