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How do I know if the Great Decision Making course is for me?

Decisions Course Email 10 - 02/07/2023

Hi Everyone,

Someone in our community recently asked me how they would know whether signing up for the Great Decision Making course is right for them. 

Another form of this question I get often is, “How do I know when to take the next step?”

I have an answer, but you may not like it! The short answer is– you already know

Let me explain. There is wisdom in you that understands where you are called. When you were a young child, you didn’t have self-referential thought, but you knew exactly what the next step was. You knew to start crawling, then walking, learning to run, and speaking. You didn’t have to think about it or figure anything out.

If you find yourself ruminating about a decision right now, like whether the course is right for you, fear is in the driver’s seat. Fear shows up because there is a consequence and a feeling that you don’t want to feel. 

You can reach clarity in any decision by acknowledging and welcoming the fear. Once it is processed, there won’t be a decision to make. You will simply follow what you know to be true, for you, in that moment. 

If you really want the good stuff – the deep transformation – the decision isn’t made by saying yes or no to the course. The decision is made by saying yes to the course every day when you show up. Just like if you want a good life, the decision is made every day by the way you show up. The illusion of decision is fear. 

I hope this was helpful, and I look forward to seeing you in How to Make Great Decisions if that is the right next step for you.

Big Love,


P.S. Here is my advice for how to get the most out of the experience.

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