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The Cost of Sub-Optimal Decision Making

Decisions Course Email 13 - 02/10/2023

Hey Everyone, 

Today I want to talk about three costs sub-optimal decision making has in your life.

  • Wasted energy spent struggling with decisions
  • The stress we endure when we fail to make decisions that align with our true selves
  • The cumulative effect that sub-optimal decision making has on our lives

Let’s dive into each one. 

The first is the cost of wasted energy. People I’ve spoken to admit to spending an average of 3 hours per day stressed about a decision they need to make or beating themselves up over a decision that didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to. Imagine if you could save even a third of that time, or one hour a day. That’s 365 hours saved each year! What else would you do with that time and energy? What would you build or explore or pursue with that time? 

This is a big opportunity cost to consider. Instead of wasting time and energy struggling to make optimal decisions, you could be spending it on priorities like building your business, improving your relationship, or optimizing your exercise routine. 

Second is the cost of stress we experience when we struggle with decisions. We become tired and fatigued, and we look for ways to cope with or escape that feeling. Many of us dive into bad habits like turning on a screen or drinking— anything to relax and get out of our heads. The cost of these coping mechanisms is a loss of connection with ourselves and those around us. 

The third cost to sub-optimal decision making can be seen in all the ways you are not living how you want to live today. All of the decisions you have made have led you to the exact experience that you’re having now. Look around and ask yourself— are there things I see in my life that aren’t aligned with who I am or how I want to be living? If so, these are the direct consequences of a sub-optimal decision making process.

Working with some of the top executives in the US, I’ve noticed that one decision can save them years of time and millions of dollars. It works the same in every life — one good decision can make a huge difference. Great decisions not only improve the bottom line of our lives but the amount of enjoyment we have as well.

What could you get from making better decisions? How would you feel knowing you are making better decisions about how to raise your kids, how to take care of yourself, or how you want to be in your marriage or your business? How would those around you benefit? 

Spending the time to improve your decision making process, even incrementally, will make a huge difference in the rest of your life. 

Big Love,


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