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How to make transformation last a lifetime

Master Class Email Series - May 19, 2023

Hello Everyone, 

How do we ensure that transformation lasts a lifetime?  

When we learn a new skill like breathwork or a yoga pose, we lose its benefits if we don’t practice it consistently. We forget the realization we had in therapy or the epiphany we had at a retreat, and the transformation we felt in that moment fades away. When we experience this cycle over and over again, we begin to believe that lasting transformation requires a lot of work and discipline.  

This conclusion isn’t true. It doesn’t need to be hard. Learning can be easy, and so can the practice that brings lasting change. The key is to turn our epiphanies into skills that we can regularly practice throughout our daily lives. 

We designed Master Class to create lasting change by teaching how to turn epiphanies into skills. Instead of experiencing a fleeting moment of clarity, you can apply that clarity in your conversations with friends, at work, or with your partner. You preserve your epiphanies through practice. For example, it’s one thing to learn about the skill of deep listening. Experiencing what a conversation can feel like when you really listen is totally different. Master Class provides the exercises to help translate epiphanies into skills and the community to start practicing them. 

The principle here is to make a connection between an epiphany and a skill so that it becomes easy and enjoyable to implement in your life. If you design your transformation in this way, the change you experience may ebb and flow, but it will build and last a lifetime.

Big Love, 


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