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What’s the best time and money you can spend?

Master Class Email Series - May 25, 2023

Hello Everyone, 

None of us spend 100% of our money efficiently or invest it for maximum return. We may spend it on bad habits, instant gratification, or consumer goods that give us a fleeting sense of worth.  

The same is true of our time. If you look at the time you spend and calculate what percentage of it moves you closer to who you want to be, it is never 100%. That means that you have time available for developing new skills– skills that can save you time in the long run by increasing your efficiency. Time is like money in your investment fund. What you spend, you get back with interest. 

The trick is to make your time and money work for you. Each dollar and hour you spend can be an investment in yourself rather than an expense for a short-term high or something that gives you a false sense of value. Choosing to invest in who you want to be creates a life of happiness, abundant resources, and a felt sense of plenty.   

Folks considering signing up for Master Class often mention concerns about the time and financial commitment. Once the course starts, all of those anxieties go away. It quickly becomes apparent that the investment in Master Class will pay itself back ten times over. Master Class students learn skills that reduce internal friction so they can move through their lives with efficiency, ease, and joy. They are able to untangle the issues that would have otherwise continued costing them time and money.

So if Master Class pays for itself, what’s really holding people back from investing in themselves? Their concerns about time and money don’t hold up to scrutiny and hide a deeper fear– the fear that if we change, we will lose the things that we hold dear.   

In the next few emails, I want to talk more about this deeper fear and how it can get in the way of transformation.

Big Love,


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