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Unmasking the fear of transformation

Master Class Email Series - May 24, 2023

Hello Everyone, 

In the last email, we talked about the cursory fears of time and money that get in the way of our transformation. These fears are the first to come up and the easiest to name when considering a course like Master Class.

Now I want to shine a light on a deeper fear– we fear losing what we care for if we transform. This fear may take many shapes. It may sound like “self-development work is selfish” or “it’s only for the privileged or the entitled.” It may sound like “I can’t hold boundaries and not lose my husband” or “my parents and friends just won’t understand me.”

Transformation is going to happen, and it will happen for many different reasons–  a new job, a new relationship, or a life-altering accident. People are always transforming. Sometimes you will lose someone because they cannot accept your transformation.  


There will also be people in your life who will follow in your footsteps of transformation. You will draw more people to you as you learn to love and accept yourself and others as they are. You will realize that the love you have been receiving is far from the love you want. You will create a reality with the people in your life that deeply satisfy and connect with you, and you will all benefit from it. 

Positive transformation changes one thing consistently: It changes people's lives, and they find themselves further in alignment with who they are and how they want to live. Once we experience the life we want to live and see the pain of what we previously accepted, we can no longer let fear hold us back. 

If you are ready to let go of the fear and experience positive transformation, we hope you’ll consider applying to Master Class.

Big Love,


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