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Stepping into the bigger room– Master Class applications close in 24 hours

Master Class Email Series - May 28, 2023

Hello Everyone,

In Hebrew, there are two words for fear. One speaks to physical fears like not having enough to eat or being injured in an accident. It’s the tangible fear of pain, sickness, and immediate physical danger. 

The second is the fear of stepping into a bigger room– the fear of taking on a bigger job, getting on stage to speak, or committing to someone. This is the fear of your old self going away and a more full self coming into existence.  

It is the fear of seeing ourselves more fully and being seen more fully.  

The journey into deeper happiness is to keep stepping into that fear. It is to keep seeing through your old self and investing in your new self. To give up your stubborn defense of an identity that no longer serves you. We know when we are supposed to step out of our old life of rigidity and restraint and into a life of intensity and beauty. That internal knowing is inside all of us.

If Master Class is your “bigger room,” we look forward to having you join us. The application window for 2023 closes at midnight PT on Monday, May 29th.

I can’t wait to get started and see what the next 8 weeks have in store for us. 

Big Love,


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