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How self-limitations block our natural drive and enjoyment

Master Class Email Series - April 27, 2023

Hello Everyone, 

Unhappiness doesn’t come from lack of accomplishment, dissatisfaction in our romantic relationships, or even experiencing physical pain. Most unhappiness is caused by self-limitations that impact our intellect, emotions, and nervous system. Often, we were taught these limitations by a parent, an influential adult, or society. Some we taught ourselves. 

Some of these limitations look like: 

  • Believing that past failures mean you will never succeed
  • Measuring yourself against only one form of intelligence and believing you don’t have it
  • Thinking you’re too much for others to accept you 
  • Believing that anger is inherently dangerous and should be avoided 
  • Not allowing yourself to feel sadness because you fear it may last forever
  • Ignoring the fear you feel because you don’t want to feel incapable 
  • Getting stuck in fight/flight/freeze and your anxiety level preventing your parasympathetic nervous system from fully relaxing
  • Thinking that a highly upregulated nervous system can’t be fixed when all that may be required is a few weeks of targeted intervention  

Self-limitations can hold us back, but the great news is that they also present an incredible opportunity for growth and transformation. Throughout my coaching practice, I have identified 7 core self-limitations that impact all of us and hold us back from accomplishing what we want. In Master Class, we spend one week on each limitation and use solo, 1:1, and small group work to train ourselves to recognize and respond to them in a constructive way. 

If you want to experience how we address self-limitations in Master Class, join me for the free Q&A and rapid-fire coaching session on May 16th. I’d love to see you there. 

Big Love,


P.S. Master Class starts June 2nd, and applications open on May 17th. We’ll share all the dates and logistics details in the next email. 

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