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Master Class Email Series - May 03, 2023

Hi Everybody, 

You can’t understand the Grand Canyon by looking at a picture or holding a map. You have to experience it yourself. At dawn, at dusk, through the changing seasons and storms– you have to experience a place in all of these states to really know it

The same is true for us. Really knowing ourselves means exploring the vast range of our inner landscape across a variety of conditions, triggers, and states. Bringing awareness to our experience, our inner experience of ourselves is the key to finding freedom from our self-limitations and allowing our natural drive and enjoyment to rise to the surface. 

Master Class is chock full of 40 solo, partner, and small group experiments designed to highlight specific aspects of our inner experience that often remain hidden behind the curtain of consciousness. As participants lean into these experiments throughout the course, they experience deep epiphanies and big emotional movements and integrate these insights with the support of the community to create lasting change

Each week, there are at least 50 posts in our forum from people sharing the insights they’re learning and the transformation they’re experiencing in their daily lives. I want to share two anonymized posts with the permission of the authors to give you a glimpse of this transformation.

Big Love,

P.S. Check out the full course schedule and dates for Master Class on the course page. Applications open May 17th.

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