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Master Class results are incredible, but why?

Master Class Email Series - May 5, 2023

Hello Everyone, 

The results we have had with Master Class are outstanding, and the stats speak for themselves:

  • We have sold out every year for the last three years 
  • 98% of participants finish the course
  • On a scale of 1-10, when asked if participants would recommend to a friend, the average response was 9.5

Why is Master Class so effective?

It’s designed to meet real needs. We connected with existing students, asked how they wanted to grow, and created a course that would help them get there. Instead of worrying about perfection, we focused on real connections and let the course come from there.

It’s an intensive experience. Master Class is not passive learning. It’s not like a book that you can skim, put down, and forget. It’s an experience that requires you to show up. In fact, showing up with an open mind and leaning into your edge is the only thing you need to do to glean great benefits from this course. 

It engages your intellect, emotions, and nervous system. Many modalities address just the intellect or just the emotions. Emerging scientific research shows that transformation is faster, more complete, and long-lasting when modalities appeal to all three aspects of your system. That’s why we built Master Class this way from the ground up. 

It’s enjoyable and easy to do. The little bit of homework in the course is designed to require no additional time in your week. You just do the things you already do a little differently. We give you an interesting podcast to prep for the week and use our live calls for coaching instead of lectures. This allows you to experience and witness significant change in real-time. Most importantly, almost everything you do is with other people who have committed to this process with you and want you to succeed. 

We’d like to invite you to experience part of what makes Master Class so effective. Join Joe on May 16th at 9 AM PT for live rapid-fire coaching and Q&A where you can get your questions answered and get a small taste of what makes Master Class work. 

Big Love,

Art of Accomplishment

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