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Here are the 7 core limitations that I see holding people back

Master Class Email Series - May 07, 2023

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, my friend Tiago Forte helped me create Master Class in 2020, and he wrote the email below as part of the initial course launch. I think it’s a great overview of our curriculum, and I’d like to share it with you today. Enter Tiago–

“Many of you have written to me with questions about what kind of content is covered in The Art of Accomplishment.

Unlike the course that I teach, Joe and his team purposefully limit the amount of information shared about this program. There isn’t a comprehensive curriculum that lists every detail.

We do this for two reasons: first, because when it comes to personal growth, the experience of learning is paramount. The quality of the experience directly influences how new information enters the brain and body, and whether it gets integrated.

If we reveal too much about what’s coming, we reduce its ability to impact you. Much like seeing a movie after reading the spoilers, it doesn't allow you to take it in with a beginner's mind.

And second, because many of you are trying to make the decision of whether to apply analytically. But trying to make a decision by collecting endless amounts of information isn’t going to work. Not in life, and not in this program.

It’s the mind trying to figure out the domain of the heart. If you come to the program from that place, it won’t be good for you or your fellow participants. There is a knowing beyond the intellect. It isn’t confused by money, time, or reason.

You will know it because you won’t make a decision. The decision will come to you. You will find yourself doing what feels right. And when you come to the program from that place, you will be prepared to get the most value possible.

There’s a simple process you can follow to make your decision. Are you ready?

Read the following 7 distinctions, which are the distinctions you'll be exploring over the 8 weeks of the program. Mostly they are questions. If answering these questions for yourself would be worth the price of the program, then join us:

Enjoy over Manage

The problem with getting good at managing your life is that you end up with a life that has to be managed. What would happen if you found out that focusing on enjoying your life could make you more productive and happier than managing your life? We know most of the greats enjoyed what they did. What if enjoyment is an essential part of what makes us great?

Connection over Perfection

We are taught from a very young age that doing things perfectly will get us where we want to go in life. But what if doing things in connection is far more effective? What if being in connection with your customers gets better results than trying to make a perfect product? Or being in connection with your spouse makes a better marriage than trying to make it perfect?

Want over Should

If you look at all the bad habits that you’ve been trying to stop for a decade, they all have one thing in common: They are all things you’re telling yourself you SHOULD stop doing. What if thinking you “should” is what keeps you stuck? And what if getting in touch with your wants, in a deep way, is the quickest way to get you unstuck?

Feel over Figure

We often try to figure out solutions to our problems intellectually. But modern neuroscience tells us that if you removed the emotional centers of your brain, you would be unable to make even the simplest decision regardless of how much intellect you applied. What if there were emotion-based practices you could do to clarify any decision? What if emotions were the key to finding whole new kinds of solutions?

Empower over Power

The accumulation of power seems like a good idea at first. Then we see how deeply insecure some billionaires and leaders of countries can be. What if no amount of power could ever make you feel safe? What if it was just another thing that could be taken away from you? What if being empowered is the key to the only security that truly sets you free?

Authenticity over Improvement

When we consider how we want life to be in the future, we often create a list of things that we have to improve about ourselves. Yet we rarely consider that we could succeed in “improving” every aspect of our lives, and by doing so, completely lose touch with who we are and what we want. What if learning who we are creates a future far better than what we think we want? What if it creates a future better than we could even imagine?

Love over Defense

We are taught how to defend ourselves from a very young age. But few of us are taught the pragmatic power of love. We build a series of walls we can put up whenever someone makes us uncomfortable. What if those very walls create a drag on life that slows down our dreams? What if love were an easy-to-use tool that turns all that friction into forward momentum?” Hey everyone, Joe again. If you want to explore even more, check out our Master Class podcast series with an episode on each limitation. You can listen on our site or on any major platform of your choice.

Big Love,


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