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Is community half of the journey? No, it is the whole journey

Master Class Email Series - May 10, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Every study group, prayer group, and meditation group knows that we evolve faster and learn more with a community of practice. It makes the work more fun, and we get to learn from each other. More importantly, we get love and support from folks who know what we are going through, and we feel deeply seen and accepted.  

Everything we have accomplished, we have done with others. We have been influenced, supported, or trained by others. Even things like the electricity we use and the food we eat depend on others. When we are hard on ourselves for not accomplishing enough, we overlook the work that brought us here and how we have contributed to others' accomplishments. When we forget our community, we lose the inherent connection to others that is a key ingredient for feelings of contentment and accomplishment.

The effects of this kind of isolation were made clear during Covid. So many folks’ lives got smaller and tighter. They were depressed and unsatisfied with their life and accomplishments.  

Just as isolation can subtract from a person's life, a great community can add to it. For example, the community found at a college can spawn hundreds of businesses and ideas for inventions.

This insight led me to develop Master Class as a way to generate a healthy and thriving community. In this community vulnerability is encouraged, support is given freely, and practices are done together. This has resulted in communities and friendships that have lasted for years after the course. People redo the curriculum together, travel to see each other, have deep conversations, and call each other when they need support.  

A community that supports you in your continued journey is one of the biggest gifts of Master Class.  

Big Love,


P.S. Join us for the Q&A and coaching on May 17th and get a taste of the community you can create during the course and take with you for years to come. 

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