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The sexy side of Transformation

Master Class Email Series - May 11, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Seeing people transform deeply right in front of you in a matter of minutes is the sexy side of transformation. It’s the cinematic trailer for transformation. People who see it want to see more. People who experience it sign up for courses. It is, however, a bit deceptive.  

What is not deceptive is that change does happen. Blocks that have held people back for decades go away. People feel great relief and see their lives differently. What is deceptive is the idea that a life-long transformation can happen in minutes and only requires my facilitation. 

If someone goes through a rapid-fire session with me but doesn’t have community support or experiments to help change how they see the world, the transformation they experience won’t be as profound. It won’t be long-lasting. They may get a temporary high and experience transformation, but the longevity of the insight will be limited. Community support, intellectual understanding, and dedication to self-development are critical to lasting change.

Epiphanies aren’t generated by me or any coach. I can facilitate transformations so quickly and consistently because I am following the person across from me. I am not leading them. I am listening to them. I am seeing the part of them that already sees through the block, not the part that still believes it.  

The evidence of this can be found in our courses’ online forums. People share with us the frequent epiphanies they’re having that change their lives. They may happen during a course exercise, in the shower, when talking with another participant, or when being coached by me. A person in a conducive environment who is listening and committed is all that is needed to create moments of rapid transformation.

It is also common for people watching a session to have big epiphanies. Just by watching others, they lead themselves through a transformation. Community members discuss their transformations with one another, find new insights, and support each other through the changes they are experiencing. This virtuous cycle of community, dedication, and listening is far more profound than anything I can offer.

Here’s a video of a rapid-fire coaching session with a Master Class alum who agreed to share his experience. Does witnessing his epiphanies spark any transformation or change in you?

If you want to experience a lice coaching session yourself, join me for the Master Class Q&A on May 16th at 9AM PT for a free live session.

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Big Love,


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