Episode 26 — Group Cohesion vs. Cult Dynamics

The essence of a cult dictates that you hand over your power to someone else, which is the antithesis of the VIEW mindset. Is there a way to retain autonomy and have individual needs met while also deeply contributing to the needs of a group? In this episode, Brett and Joe unpack the differences between cult dynamics and group cohesion.

Episode 25 — Seeing Through Family Dynamics

Many of our beliefs about the way the world works and our role in it are formed in our early years of life. As adults, the family dynamics that we had as children can show up at work, in our relationships and other areas. Family dynamics gives us a chance to identify and heal patterns that are no longer useful to us so that we can empower ourselves to consciously choose how we show up in our lives.

Episode 24 — Your World is a Projection

In today’s episode, we will be taking a deeper look at projections. What exactly does that mean? The parts of ourselves that we cannot own — either good or bad — are what we project onto other people. The concept of projection is rooted in the idea that we create beliefs based on our past experiences. We carry these beliefs with us into the present, where they subconsciously shape our current reality.

Episode 23 — Who is the Voice in Your Head?

Most of us have a voice in our heads constantly narrating our experiences. Have you ever noticed what yours is like? How it talks to you? How would you feel is someone else spoke to you the way that this voice speaks to you? Would you speak to someone else this way? Today we are going to explore how the voice in our head influences what we say, do and feel. We will learn how we can develop a new relationship with it.

Episode 22 — Allowing Yourself to Change (Joe Coaches Brett)

This week’s episode took an unexpected turn after co-host Brett Kistler had a difficult week, prompting an unplanned one-on-one session where Joe coaches Brett. In this session, we dive deeper into exploring how the relationship with self is reflected in the relationships with the people around us.

Episode 20 — The Business Behind our Courses

People often think of business as something that’s separate from life. They may say things like, “It’s just business.” In today’s episode, we explore the business behind the Art of Accomplishment courses and our integrative approach to business that serves as an extension of the values, mindset and strategies that we use in our everyday lives.

Episode 19 — Father Figures and Authority (Coaching Session)

Today’s episode involves a coaching session between Joe and a woman in our community who is experiencing tension around authority figures. The conversation starts out with workplace challenges and very quickly ties into her relationship with her father, ultimately touching on how she can give and receive love. While listening to this conversation, we can observe Joe’s state of mind and how he holds the VIEW principles. These are the kinds of conversations that Joe has with participants and that participants learn to have with each other in the Art of Accomplishment course.

Episode 18 — Money Can’t Oppress You

In the second episode of this two-part series on money, we are going to address another common misconception that people have, which is that money is bad and the root of all evil. What if we did not have to see money as a game or a means to an end? What if we understood that we could transform our relationship to it by simply recognizing that money is not personal? By seeing ourselves as human beyond the money, money can start flowing very differently in our lives.