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We are taught early on that if we accomplish enough stuff, we will have the life of our dreams. Only we find that this fails to make us happy, and doesn’t fulfill our hopes. 

The art is in unlocking your joy. If you can do that, you will not only have a much more fulfilled life, you’ll accomplish much more with less effort than you ever imagined possible. —Joe 

The Art of Accomplishment is a program that invites you into a world beyond checklists and getting things done. It’s a world where your authentic life and enjoyment create an outstanding impact on yourself and the world around you.



Our Podcast

Hosted by Joe Hudson and Brett Kistler, the Art of Accomplishment podcast explores how deepening connection with ourselves and others leads to creating the life we want with enjoyment and ease.

Seeing Identity for What It Is The Art of Accomplishment

Our sense of identity is composed of the ideas and emotional states — even the gut reactions — that we identify as who we are. Identity is how we recognize ourselves. It guides the structure of our thoughts, emotions, and visceral responses.Most people don’t spend their lives learning how to make their identities more transparent. We often think it’s hard to change aspects of ourselves. The reality is that transforming our identity isn't inherently difficult — it's just that a large part of it is allowing the unfelt emotional experience that our beliefs about ourselves hold in place. It’s hard to change identity from our head, and it's hard to change aspects of identity that we aren't even aware of.If you're running a business or team, it's absolutely being influenced by your identity. Identity limits the emotions we're willing to feel, the information we're willing to receive, and the actions we'll consider taking. These patterns propagate from leadership into a company.In this episode, Joe and Brett share perspectives and tools to see and feel through the limits of identity on the intellectual, emotional, and physical levels. They explore how bringing awareness and transparency to our unconscious structures of identity can reduce rigidity and cultivate a healthy, adaptive sense of self. "Having a fight with your identity is only more identity — it makes it stick harder. The object isn’t to get away from identity, kick it, or beat it into submission: it’s to love it and see what it is."- Which aspects of your identity have recently been brought to your awareness? – What emotional or visceral experience came along with these insights?Tweet your comments or questions to us at @artofaccomp, or use the feedback form on our website.
Tiago Forte – Founder of Forte Academy

My Story

My name is Tiago Forte, and I am the Founder of Forte Academy, an online school for modern professional development.

Three years ago, I walked into a weekend workshop called the Connection Course*, facilitated by Joe and his wife Tara.

I was looking for answers.

I wanted to know why despite the success I had, I still felt so dissatisfied. I wanted to know why I always felt on edge and on guard for no apparent reason. I wanted to know why I felt numb and bored anytime I wasn’t immersed in the adrenaline of working.

I had so many questions, but most of all, I was exhausted with the endless task of proving that I was good enough, capable enough, and hard-working enough to deserve success. Beneath it all, I wanted to know if there was another way.

My experience at the Connection Course* inspired me with a new vision for how business could be used to fuel spiritual awakening.

I attended the follow-up week-long course, called Ground Breakers, the next year. The personal breakthroughs I experienced in that week have been nothing short of transformational, with benefits across my work and my life. I’ve seen dramatic growth in my business, reached new creative depths, had more intimacy in my relationships with my family and friends, and developed a deeper warmth and love toward myself even when I fall short of my ambitions.

Since that experience I’ve found it far easier to be more direct with people, to be vulnerable even with those I work with, and to laugh when life inevitably messes up my plans. I feel a newfound sense of self-love and self-acceptance that frees me to strive for my dreams without beating myself up. I feel a newfound sense of purpose in my work centered on a love for my customers, for my team, and for the planet.

*Formerly Tide Turners/VIEW Workshop