Meet Your Facilitators

Tara Howley

Senior Coach, Facilitator

Tara is a senior coach, facilitator, and founding partner of AoA. She currently trains coaches and facillitators, coaches executives, facillitates workshops, and works with company culture, especially women’s empowerment.

Tara started working in PR for Karl Lagerfeld. Later, she fell in love with theatre. Obsessed with the human condition and how to portray it on stage, she studied psychology and somatics. When she started experiencing extreme anxiety, she focused on overcoming fear, studying every modality she could find. She took her learnings and started coaching other artists. During the dot-com era, she brought her work into sales teams. She worked with engineering teams, prepping them before conventions.

At 35, she left work to raise a family. Returning to work, she incorporated her parenting learnings into coaching.
Coaching practice currently full.

Mark Alexander

Coach, Facilitator

Mark is a coach and facilitator with the Art of Accomplishment. He facilitates online and in-person courses, working with individuals and with groups. Since 2020, he has produced and facilitated the Connection Course and the How to Make Great Decisions Course in collaboration with Joe.

Mark’s background in large and small technology companies is where he found his passion for team cohesion and alignment. His coaching focuses on bringing clarity to the places where people feel stuck. If you're a leader seeking a coach, contact Mark at the link below.
For availability and waitlist, please email

Janine Parziale

Coach, Facilitator

Janine has the grounded presence of a mountain. She is rooted in her body awareness and listening power. Her practices of pottery, martial arts, and bodywork continue to inform these skills. Her interest in coaching began when she noticed that empathetic listening before bodywork caused more impactful sessions.

Janine’s talent for coaching includes executives and teams at GitHub, TalkSpace, and Paragon One. In addition to building out the team for a successful coaching platform, she has designed a multi-month course unlocking embodiment and emotional fluidity for executives and other audiences.
For availability and waitlist, please email

Brett Kistler

Coach, Facilitator

Brett is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and coach. He's spent much of his life traveling the world full-time as an extreme sports athlete while building a fully remote software company, Clearview.

Following his curiosity about his own motivations and ways of processing reality, Brett has pursued interests in machine learning, neuroscience, psychology, psychedelics, and contemplative practices. He now lives in Berkeley, California, where he coaches and co-hosts the Art of Accomplishment podcast with Joe.
For availability and waitlist, please email

Christy Tripp


Christy is the co-founder and Executive Director of a family foundation that funds education non-profits. Previously, she worked in management consulting and for education start-ups.

In both her funding and facilitating, she is passionate about effective and efficient paths to wellness and thriving.

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